Drugs as Tools of Social War and Violence

There has been a recent outbreak of a social war caused by drugs. Drugs have contributed to a great amount of violence around the world. Drugs have been around for a long time, but never have they been so powerful as they are now. The use and consumption of drugs dates back to the 1960’s. Drugs became signs of  rebellion and political power. Many countries took immediate steps to stop the use of drugs. Drugs have become the obsession to overpower certain contries. They have become the way of living for many. The consumption of drugs has been raised every year, and the illegal production of it almost doubles it. Drugs have become a tool for social war. A global social war was started against the drugs. The global social war has proved its failure to stop the war on drugs. Drugs seem to overpower any kind of government laws. Drugs have affected society all over the world. Drugs are one of the main causes of war and violence amongst people. There have been many cases where people get caught up in violence. Some people end up in betweem the social war even if they have nothing to do with it. Many people have lost thier live trying to end the war on drugs. It seems that the more the government and people try to fight the war on drugs, the more drugs seem to creep into everyday life. Social war due to the use of drugs seems to be sticking around. It seems at times that Drugs may never be abolished. Drug Prohibition has caused the increase in crime rates. There will always be a form of making drugs illegal, but the system will may not  really have enough power to end the drug war.The trafficking of drugs has raised a conflict over power. Many drug traffickers see drugs as a way of proving their economic standing. Most drug lords search for power and respect from other drug lords. The conlicts over power has led to a very disturbing violence. Many countries have given into the drug war. Countries including mexico, bolivia, columbia, nicaragua, pakistan, guatemala, india, jamaica, costa rica, afghanistan, and el salvador. Each Country has fought to bring the social and global war on drugs to an end. The violence used due to drug war is outraging. People get killed, mutilated and burned to death every day. One country that seems to have no control over drug trafficking is Mexico. Mexican drug lords have become one of the most feared druglords of this time. The violence proposed by the mexican cartels have people on the edge of their seats. The violence has gotten to the point where people migrate illegally into the United States. Mexicans no longer feel safe in their own birth place. The mexican cartels have all of mexico terrorized. Mexican Cartels have made their way into the United states and other coutries. Because mexico and United states share a same border, it makes it easier for mexico to perform drug trafficking in the U.S.. The cartels have expanded throughout the world. Pakistan, columbia, guatemala, and el salvador have been using similar tactics and violence as mexican cartels have. I go to mexico every december of every year. I have viewed the ugly war on drugs. The cartels have overpowered towns and cities. I had no idea what the war on drugs was like until i viewed it front row seat! The terror everyone had been talking about was real. The drug war was something major in mexico. It became a way of living for some and a sick way of killng innocent people who got caught up in the drug war.





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