I have been doing more research on social war and violence. It seems to me that the violence and war get worse every year. Many countries spend millions of dolares trying to get drugs and crimes related to drugs off of the streets. I came upon some statististics that can help me give you an idea of how much is spent on the drug war. Alone in the U. S., $51,000,000,000 are spent each year on drug war.  Milliones of people got to jail each year with charges of drug use, selling or buying. The number of people that have been reported dead in mexico as of 2006 have been a startling 70,00+, the cause would be drug wars. Mexico again comes to play a huge role drug war around the world. Mexico has supplied the U.S with heroin. Mexico is also the largest foreign supplier and producer of meth and marijuana. As a result of competition to produce and sell the most illegal drugs, cartels have formed. Cartels are formed out of people who had no choice as to join them. The cartels are lead by very powerful and wealthy men.The drug war has gotten so bad in mexico. The mexican government has gotten to the point where they must fight against mexico to end the war. The cartels have begun fighting each other for territory. Territory is necessary for them to build underground tunnels and meth labs. There are many cartels and organizations in Mexico expanding into the United States. Many cartel owners in the military or where in some sort of government system.  Sadly its not just mexico. United States has unwillingly contributed to the war. I found that United States has provided mexico with over 70% of the guns found in mexico. In other words, The government helps the drug cartels and the war to keep going. The mexican government itself is a corrupt system. How is it possible to get thousands and thousands of guns from the U. S to mexico? How can ninety percent of cocaine collected in the United States come from mexico? Where is the Government? Are they actually doing something about it, or are they in the social war and violence themselves? Here are some more statistics. Mexico has retrieve and unbelieving $19 to $29 billion dolares from sales in the United States each year. The system is in fact corrupt and the need for power only pushes them to ask for more and more. The United States has provided Mexico with help. The help was not much. Drug trafficking still managed to get through Mexico and into the U.S. Dozens of councilmen, mayors, newspaper publishers, military and goverment official have been killed. Kidnappings, extortions, and mutilations of civilians have been caused by cartels and their drug war. The United states has been cracking down drug cartels within the U.S. For example, a huge drug bust was made in june of this year. The bust happend in Atlanta Ga.  The raid consisted of the swat team and many officers. The raid was a neighborhood home. The sheriffs office had recieved tips on the house. It was believed by many that the house was being used as a meth lab. The raid turned into a multimillion dollar drug bust. There where seventeen members of the drug ring.They shot at the officials and the officials shot back. Swat team members where injured during the operation. The operation was a success. There where a couple of buses that where used for trasporting the drugs. The buses were used to transport people from the united states to mexico and back. It was only a cover up as tons  of drugs were getting trasnported as well. How was someone able to bring so many drugs into the U.S without anyone knowing? What was there no security at the time the buses were being searched. Where they ever searched?






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