Drugs as tools of Social War and Violence

I was searching for more information on drugs and the social war. I came upon a website that gave me chills when i started searching through. The website was called world of the drugdealers. It is a website i found in spanish. The publisher made sure that all of the war on drugs was explained. The publisher explains the horrors and violence that is lived in mexico. The drug war is basically made up of people who have become wealthy due to that. Those people become drug dealers or drug lords. The war started because competition started. Many drug lords started appearing around 2007 and they started giving their own organizations names. The drug lords began to compete for land and for buyers of their drugs. The distrubution of drugs has been detected all the was across the country. The publisher gives us a brief overview on the blog. He also gave some very important information on the involvment of the United States and other countries in the drug war. The website is very gruesome to see as it has many pictures and videos showing violence. The publisher began by nameing some very important people in the drug war. He then proceeded to naming some countries like United States, Costa Rica, Panama, Sauid arabia and other countries. The publisher had so much information , enough to get himself in trouble . He stated that no one in mexico could talk about what they had seen or done. He stated that everyone in Mexico lived in silence for fear getting killed.  He explained that if someone was to watch a killing that that person had to keep quiet. He stated that somehow the drug dealers always found out. In some of the articles he described the ways that the drug dealers took revenge on the people that told on them. He also descibed the differente ways people are killed. Some organizations commit crimes by jut shooting people.Other organizations decapitate, fatally torture people. Some kill innocent people, and some organizations kill other organizations that kill innocent people. As the publisher describes it, it is a mess in mexico and sadly if nothing can be done, soon such violence will make its way up into the United State. I began to look through the photos on the blog and they were really grueome. Some pictures show the decapitation of women, men , and kids. The videos showed real life footage of decapitations and killings. The drug dealers have gotten in the habbit of leaving many people headless and sending there heads to their families or the organizations they belonged to. It seems to me that everyone wants a spot in the drug war. It also seems to me that United States along with mexico is losing the war on drugs. Drug dealers and abusers have filled up the prisons in the United states. The United states has been at work with drugs for a very long time. Unfortunately, the war has not been stopped and i believe it is getting harder and harder to stop or control. The United States has enforcement pleanty of operations to catch drug lords and drug dealers, but somehow they keep drug dealing. Somehow drugs keep getting imported into the United states. Is the governemnt involved? I believe it is. I can not wrap my finger around the whole situation. How is it possible for so many drugs to get transported into the U.S. from all over the world. How are tunnels built under teh border of mexico and the united states? Who is operating those tunnels from abov? When will the government be fair to its people and give them liberty and justice? when willthe government stop these organizations? Is there and end to the social war and violence?




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