Drugs as tools of social war and violence

I have been expanding my reasearch even further. I decided to expand my search more toward the government side. What is the governmnet doing towards the drug war? What steps are they taking toward the drug war? Well in a recent search i came upon some information. A mexican state spokesperson mentioned the involment of american officials in the drug war. Guillermo Villanueva was the spokesperson for state of mexico.  What he said was unexpected and left everyone in awe. They were not just any officials though, they were from the CIA. The drug dealer metioned one in particular and descibed the involment of the officer in the narcotis. Villanueva mentioned that the CIA was trying to control and manage the illegal drug market. He said that it was beneficial for the government to do so. The speach led people to search further. Are we safe from the world of drugs in the United States? Is the U.S even trying? I read further along this article and i came to the conclusion that america is not doing enough. It may to benefit the governent as a whole. Villanueva mentioned that in recent studies mexican officials made it was found that indeed the CIA had part in the distribution of illegal drugs. Who is it exactly? Is every CIA official aware of what is going on? How many unloyal CIA members are there? The war on drugs has brainwashed millions of people. Even the government has proven to be corrupt. Even top level mexican officials admitted that it was almmost impossible to pass any time of illegal drug without the help of U.S officials. It is believed that America is aiding these drug cartels. America is providing them wih entrance and distribution in the united states. The rumors of United States aiding mexico and promoting the drug war might just be true. Something that also caught my attention was the border. The border between mexico and the United States. It is believed that the border is kept open in certain places on purpose to aid the drug cartels. I believe there is no way that Mexico can transport so many drugs into america without the help of Americans. It is said that it is getting worse along the border. even though laws have been enforced. People somehow manage to get drugs through the border. I was able to see first hand that the borders were not as secure as we thought they might be. I interviewed a cousin of mine who recently came into the united states illegally. He told me that right before he crossed the border some American officials asked for their share of the money immigrants pay to illlegaly cross the united states. He told me he could not believe that those American officials were willing to take money to let them go by. He also mentioned the many underground tunnels they encountered while crossing through Mexico. My cousin said that many of those tunnels were meth labs and that they traveled all the way to arizona. He mentioned that the drug cartels also  charge a quota if you “cross their territory”. He said that mexican and American have such close encounters. He said that United States was as corrupt as mexico. there have been many drug dealers who have operated in and out of mexico and the united states. How did they manage to get through such secure border? Is the united states only pretending to help on the drug on war? It is very interesting that Unites States is so worried about stopping the war on drugs, yet the secret alliance to mexico is sickning.


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