I was looking on the news again and i was looking for more research to back up my information. I came upon the recent disappearance of 43 students in iguala, mexico. The students were protestors against the drug war. They had been protesting for several days. Then from one day to the other they all disappeared. The search was long and ongoing. After a short investigation some police officers confessed participating  in murdering the students. It is incredible and scary to know that government official could participate in such a horrific crime.  The officers then told on others and they also said that they recieved orders from the mayor of iguala. I could not believe these people where involved in this crime. They were students who were fighting for a better community free of drugs and crimes related to drugs. Their only mistake was to personally call out the mayor in some of their speeches. This once again proves to us the corruption of the government. Mexico is not the only corrupt government. In a recent search i came to realize that United States is indeed a top priority for refugees from mexico. The war on drugs has gotten so bad that people are coming into the United states not only to find good paying jobs, but to escape the drug war. The drug cartels now play a huge role in the United States. The drug cartels are getting stronger and stronger. The cartels take advantage of the need and the poverty in mexico. They lead people to believe that they can become rich quick. Unfortunately drug trafficking is much more than trading, selling or making drugs. A person must be willing to die and kill for their organization.  It may be official that the drug cartels have complete control over the smuggling routes from mexico into the United States. It is now believed that Unites states too is beginning to fail in the war on drugs. The drug prohibition is no longer doing what it was doing forty years ago. United states needs to do something more. United States should stop contributing to  the war on drugs. I feel that nothing has really been done. Drug trafficking supports so many people and it has become the obsession od many. Mexico’s government is involved in its own drug trafficking. I may not have enough evidence of this, but i am certain of something.  How is it possible for so many illegal drugs to end up in the United states? Who is authorizing the moves? How can people build underground tunnels under the border of mexico and the united states without going unnoticed? How did so many american guns and ammo end up in mexico. Who all is involved? How far is the government willing to go to save its country and its people? Will there ever be and ending? I think more can be done. If the government would stop being so sellfish and would start paying more attention to its people maybe there would be some change. Unfortunately, i feel that since the government is already involved that turning back will be a vey hard thing to do for the united states. I may be wrong. Maybe just maybe we united states can control the drug war and help other countries do as well especially mexico. I believe that if more laws and loyalty was forced amongst the citizens of these countries then, the drug war might be able to be controlled. Like i said earlier people are getting murdered because they are asking for a better future free of drugs and war. I cannot imagine why any government would deprive someone of their dreams, because of their ambition to participate in the drug trafficking.






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