I was looking on the news again and i was looking for more research to back up my information. I came upon the recent disappearance of 43 students in iguala, mexico. The students were protestors against the drug war. They had been protesting for several days. Then from one day to the other they all disappeared. The search was long and ongoing. After a short investigation some police officers confessed participating  in murdering the students. It is incredible and scary to know that government official could participate in such a horrific crime.  The officers then told on others and they also said that they recieved orders from the mayor of iguala. I could not believe these people where involved in this crime. They were students who were fighting for a better community free of drugs and crimes related to drugs. Their only mistake was to personally call out the mayor in some of their speeches. This once again proves to us the corruption of the government. Mexico is not the only corrupt government. In a recent search i came to realize that United States is indeed a top priority for refugees from mexico. The war on drugs has gotten so bad that people are coming into the United states not only to find good paying jobs, but to escape the drug war. The drug cartels now play a huge role in the United States. The drug cartels are getting stronger and stronger. The cartels take advantage of the need and the poverty in mexico. They lead people to believe that they can become rich quick. Unfortunately drug trafficking is much more than trading, selling or making drugs. A person must be willing to die and kill for their organization.  It may be official that the drug cartels have complete control over the smuggling routes from mexico into the United States. It is now believed that Unites states too is beginning to fail in the war on drugs. The drug prohibition is no longer doing what it was doing forty years ago. United states needs to do something more. United States should stop contributing to  the war on drugs. I feel that nothing has really been done. Drug trafficking supports so many people and it has become the obsession od many. Mexico’s government is involved in its own drug trafficking. I may not have enough evidence of this, but i am certain of something.  How is it possible for so many illegal drugs to end up in the United states? Who is authorizing the moves? How can people build underground tunnels under the border of mexico and the united states without going unnoticed? How did so many american guns and ammo end up in mexico. Who all is involved? How far is the government willing to go to save its country and its people? Will there ever be and ending? I think more can be done. If the government would stop being so sellfish and would start paying more attention to its people maybe there would be some change. Unfortunately, i feel that since the government is already involved that turning back will be a vey hard thing to do for the united states. I may be wrong. Maybe just maybe we united states can control the drug war and help other countries do as well especially mexico. I believe that if more laws and loyalty was forced amongst the citizens of these countries then, the drug war might be able to be controlled. Like i said earlier people are getting murdered because they are asking for a better future free of drugs and war. I cannot imagine why any government would deprive someone of their dreams, because of their ambition to participate in the drug trafficking.






Drugs as tools of social war and violence

I have been expanding my reasearch even further. I decided to expand my search more toward the government side. What is the governmnet doing towards the drug war? What steps are they taking toward the drug war? Well in a recent search i came upon some information. A mexican state spokesperson mentioned the involment of american officials in the drug war. Guillermo Villanueva was the spokesperson for state of mexico.  What he said was unexpected and left everyone in awe. They were not just any officials though, they were from the CIA. The drug dealer metioned one in particular and descibed the involment of the officer in the narcotis. Villanueva mentioned that the CIA was trying to control and manage the illegal drug market. He said that it was beneficial for the government to do so. The speach led people to search further. Are we safe from the world of drugs in the United States? Is the U.S even trying? I read further along this article and i came to the conclusion that america is not doing enough. It may to benefit the governent as a whole. Villanueva mentioned that in recent studies mexican officials made it was found that indeed the CIA had part in the distribution of illegal drugs. Who is it exactly? Is every CIA official aware of what is going on? How many unloyal CIA members are there? The war on drugs has brainwashed millions of people. Even the government has proven to be corrupt. Even top level mexican officials admitted that it was almmost impossible to pass any time of illegal drug without the help of U.S officials. It is believed that America is aiding these drug cartels. America is providing them wih entrance and distribution in the united states. The rumors of United States aiding mexico and promoting the drug war might just be true. Something that also caught my attention was the border. The border between mexico and the United States. It is believed that the border is kept open in certain places on purpose to aid the drug cartels. I believe there is no way that Mexico can transport so many drugs into america without the help of Americans. It is said that it is getting worse along the border. even though laws have been enforced. People somehow manage to get drugs through the border. I was able to see first hand that the borders were not as secure as we thought they might be. I interviewed a cousin of mine who recently came into the united states illegally. He told me that right before he crossed the border some American officials asked for their share of the money immigrants pay to illlegaly cross the united states. He told me he could not believe that those American officials were willing to take money to let them go by. He also mentioned the many underground tunnels they encountered while crossing through Mexico. My cousin said that many of those tunnels were meth labs and that they traveled all the way to arizona. He mentioned that the drug cartels also  charge a quota if you “cross their territory”. He said that mexican and American have such close encounters. He said that United States was as corrupt as mexico. there have been many drug dealers who have operated in and out of mexico and the united states. How did they manage to get through such secure border? Is the united states only pretending to help on the drug on war? It is very interesting that Unites States is so worried about stopping the war on drugs, yet the secret alliance to mexico is sickning.

Drugs as tools of Social War and Violence

I was searching for more information on drugs and the social war. I came upon a website that gave me chills when i started searching through. The website was called world of the drugdealers. It is a website i found in spanish. The publisher made sure that all of the war on drugs was explained. The publisher explains the horrors and violence that is lived in mexico. The drug war is basically made up of people who have become wealthy due to that. Those people become drug dealers or drug lords. The war started because competition started. Many drug lords started appearing around 2007 and they started giving their own organizations names. The drug lords began to compete for land and for buyers of their drugs. The distrubution of drugs has been detected all the was across the country. The publisher gives us a brief overview on the blog. He also gave some very important information on the involvment of the United States and other countries in the drug war. The website is very gruesome to see as it has many pictures and videos showing violence. The publisher began by nameing some very important people in the drug war. He then proceeded to naming some countries like United States, Costa Rica, Panama, Sauid arabia and other countries. The publisher had so much information , enough to get himself in trouble . He stated that no one in mexico could talk about what they had seen or done. He stated that everyone in Mexico lived in silence for fear getting killed.  He explained that if someone was to watch a killing that that person had to keep quiet. He stated that somehow the drug dealers always found out. In some of the articles he described the ways that the drug dealers took revenge on the people that told on them. He also descibed the differente ways people are killed. Some organizations commit crimes by jut shooting people.Other organizations decapitate, fatally torture people. Some kill innocent people, and some organizations kill other organizations that kill innocent people. As the publisher describes it, it is a mess in mexico and sadly if nothing can be done, soon such violence will make its way up into the United State. I began to look through the photos on the blog and they were really grueome. Some pictures show the decapitation of women, men , and kids. The videos showed real life footage of decapitations and killings. The drug dealers have gotten in the habbit of leaving many people headless and sending there heads to their families or the organizations they belonged to. It seems to me that everyone wants a spot in the drug war. It also seems to me that United States along with mexico is losing the war on drugs. Drug dealers and abusers have filled up the prisons in the United states. The United states has been at work with drugs for a very long time. Unfortunately, the war has not been stopped and i believe it is getting harder and harder to stop or control. The United States has enforcement pleanty of operations to catch drug lords and drug dealers, but somehow they keep drug dealing. Somehow drugs keep getting imported into the United states. Is the governemnt involved? I believe it is. I can not wrap my finger around the whole situation. How is it possible for so many drugs to get transported into the U.S. from all over the world. How are tunnels built under teh border of mexico and the united states? Who is operating those tunnels from abov? When will the government be fair to its people and give them liberty and justice? when willthe government stop these organizations? Is there and end to the social war and violence?




I have been doing more research on social war and violence. It seems to me that the violence and war get worse every year. Many countries spend millions of dolares trying to get drugs and crimes related to drugs off of the streets. I came upon some statististics that can help me give you an idea of how much is spent on the drug war. Alone in the U. S., $51,000,000,000 are spent each year on drug war.  Milliones of people got to jail each year with charges of drug use, selling or buying. The number of people that have been reported dead in mexico as of 2006 have been a startling 70,00+, the cause would be drug wars. Mexico again comes to play a huge role drug war around the world. Mexico has supplied the U.S with heroin. Mexico is also the largest foreign supplier and producer of meth and marijuana. As a result of competition to produce and sell the most illegal drugs, cartels have formed. Cartels are formed out of people who had no choice as to join them. The cartels are lead by very powerful and wealthy men.The drug war has gotten so bad in mexico. The mexican government has gotten to the point where they must fight against mexico to end the war. The cartels have begun fighting each other for territory. Territory is necessary for them to build underground tunnels and meth labs. There are many cartels and organizations in Mexico expanding into the United States. Many cartel owners in the military or where in some sort of government system.  Sadly its not just mexico. United States has unwillingly contributed to the war. I found that United States has provided mexico with over 70% of the guns found in mexico. In other words, The government helps the drug cartels and the war to keep going. The mexican government itself is a corrupt system. How is it possible to get thousands and thousands of guns from the U. S to mexico? How can ninety percent of cocaine collected in the United States come from mexico? Where is the Government? Are they actually doing something about it, or are they in the social war and violence themselves? Here are some more statistics. Mexico has retrieve and unbelieving $19 to $29 billion dolares from sales in the United States each year. The system is in fact corrupt and the need for power only pushes them to ask for more and more. The United States has provided Mexico with help. The help was not much. Drug trafficking still managed to get through Mexico and into the U.S. Dozens of councilmen, mayors, newspaper publishers, military and goverment official have been killed. Kidnappings, extortions, and mutilations of civilians have been caused by cartels and their drug war. The United states has been cracking down drug cartels within the U.S. For example, a huge drug bust was made in june of this year. The bust happend in Atlanta Ga.  The raid consisted of the swat team and many officers. The raid was a neighborhood home. The sheriffs office had recieved tips on the house. It was believed by many that the house was being used as a meth lab. The raid turned into a multimillion dollar drug bust. There where seventeen members of the drug ring.They shot at the officials and the officials shot back. Swat team members where injured during the operation. The operation was a success. There where a couple of buses that where used for trasporting the drugs. The buses were used to transport people from the united states to mexico and back. It was only a cover up as tons  of drugs were getting trasnported as well. How was someone able to bring so many drugs into the U.S without anyone knowing? What was there no security at the time the buses were being searched. Where they ever searched?





Drugs as Tools of Social War and Violence

There has been a recent outbreak of a social war caused by drugs. Drugs have contributed to a great amount of violence around the world. Drugs have been around for a long time, but never have they been so powerful as they are now. The use and consumption of drugs dates back to the 1960’s. Drugs became signs of  rebellion and political power. Many countries took immediate steps to stop the use of drugs. Drugs have become the obsession to overpower certain contries. They have become the way of living for many. The consumption of drugs has been raised every year, and the illegal production of it almost doubles it. Drugs have become a tool for social war. A global social war was started against the drugs. The global social war has proved its failure to stop the war on drugs. Drugs seem to overpower any kind of government laws. Drugs have affected society all over the world. Drugs are one of the main causes of war and violence amongst people. There have been many cases where people get caught up in violence. Some people end up in betweem the social war even if they have nothing to do with it. Many people have lost thier live trying to end the war on drugs. It seems that the more the government and people try to fight the war on drugs, the more drugs seem to creep into everyday life. Social war due to the use of drugs seems to be sticking around. It seems at times that Drugs may never be abolished. Drug Prohibition has caused the increase in crime rates. There will always be a form of making drugs illegal, but the system will may not  really have enough power to end the drug war.The trafficking of drugs has raised a conflict over power. Many drug traffickers see drugs as a way of proving their economic standing. Most drug lords search for power and respect from other drug lords. The conlicts over power has led to a very disturbing violence. Many countries have given into the drug war. Countries including mexico, bolivia, columbia, nicaragua, pakistan, guatemala, india, jamaica, costa rica, afghanistan, and el salvador. Each Country has fought to bring the social and global war on drugs to an end. The violence used due to drug war is outraging. People get killed, mutilated and burned to death every day. One country that seems to have no control over drug trafficking is Mexico. Mexican drug lords have become one of the most feared druglords of this time. The violence proposed by the mexican cartels have people on the edge of their seats. The violence has gotten to the point where people migrate illegally into the United States. Mexicans no longer feel safe in their own birth place. The mexican cartels have all of mexico terrorized. Mexican Cartels have made their way into the United states and other coutries. Because mexico and United states share a same border, it makes it easier for mexico to perform drug trafficking in the U.S.. The cartels have expanded throughout the world. Pakistan, columbia, guatemala, and el salvador have been using similar tactics and violence as mexican cartels have. I go to mexico every december of every year. I have viewed the ugly war on drugs. The cartels have overpowered towns and cities. I had no idea what the war on drugs was like until i viewed it front row seat! The terror everyone had been talking about was real. The drug war was something major in mexico. It became a way of living for some and a sick way of killng innocent people who got caught up in the drug war.